Robert Gregory Phillips

7F4  Rethinking Rothko To Richter  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7F3  Houses of Parliament  43.00x56.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7F2  Light Shower in Blue  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7F1  Baptism of The Art Theorist  43.00x56.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7F0  A White House  43.00x56.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7EF  A Mystery In Blue And White  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7EE  A Dream Of A Place In Time Observed  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7ED  Once Upon A Blue Moon  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7EC  A Gentle Interrogation in Grey And Blue  56.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7EB  A Perfect Day  57.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7EA  Candle  57.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E9  Time Radio Hour  43.00x57.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E8  I Walk the Line in Blue  43.00x57.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E6  Cry Of The Heart  18.00x14.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E7  Field And Stream  21.50x15.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E5  Consecration  33.00x17.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E4  The Almost Chosen River  17.00x33.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E3  Two in Gold with Yellow and Red  35.00x65.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E2  One Day in August  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E1  Two Prophets  67.00x45.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7E0  Properties of Fire  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DF  Blue Birth  27.50x27.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DE  Mercy On  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DD  Ash Wednesday  42.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DC  Jasper Ruby Emerald and a Rainbow  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DA  Beyond Good Friday  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7DB  Pillars Of Clouds In Blue  66.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D9  Another Glorious Day  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D8  Hallelujah Messiah  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D7  The Kingdom Of Love  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D6  Color Fields 1  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D5  After Midnight In The Desert  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D4  Red Der  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D3  Red Over Blue  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D2  The Redemption of Purple  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D1  Patterns of Time in Blue  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7D0  The River That Flowed From Mont Sainte-Victoire  67.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CF  Only Blue  32.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CE  Winter  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CD  Gift Of Light  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CC  Considering Fragments From An Altarpiece  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CB  Silver With Purple And Pink  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7CA  Cathedral Window  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C9  Seeing Me  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C8  Messengers In Yellow  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C7  Messengers In the Day Sky  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C6  That Your Joy May Be Full  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C5  Celestial Bodies Common And Uncommon  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C4  Celestial 9  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C2  Two Of Us  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C3  Red on One Side, Triangular  31.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C1  The Song Of The Mockingbird  19.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7C0  Blue Wrapped In Blue  31.00x19.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7BE  Nocturne of the Water Lilies  31.00x19.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7BB  Blue Nightfall  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7BA  The Last Supper  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B9  The Pond at First Light  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B8  Greater Love  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B7  Fragmentary Blue  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B6  The Motherland Puzzle  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B5  Holy Spirit Baptism  31.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B4  Capture The Flag  43.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B2  Respecting The Wind  43.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B3  Watch Over Your Heart  43.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B1  Blue Midnight Turning Day Revisited  33.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7B0  Just In Time  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7AD  Field of Wildflowers Imagined  24.00x18.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7A7  A Memory In Yellow and Red  24.00x18.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7A5  Autumn in the Park  36.00x48.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7A1  Morning in the Garden Revisited  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7A2  Water Garden in Yellow  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
7A3  Reflection in Red on Yellow  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
79E  Warm Standing  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
79D  Red Boat Red  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
79C  Orange Mountain Script  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
79B  Fish Story  66.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
79A  Blue Midnight Turning Day  43.00x67.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
799  We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident  67.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
798  I Know You Are With Me  66.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
797  Exegesis Of Art  67.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
796  The Garden So Real  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
795  Waterlilies at Sunset  20.00x16.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
791  South By Southwest  28.50x55.25  acrylic  on  canvas  
78F  Song Of The Stars  66.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
78E  Water To Wine  66.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
78D  Red And Purple Field  66.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
78C  The Resurrection of Christ  42.00x66.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
78B  Twelve Chosen  66.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
78A  Nothing Without Love  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
789  John Chapter 9  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
788  Becoming New  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
787  Clothed With Praise  34.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
786  Considering Colorfields  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
785  Fluorescent Red And Soft Sky Blue  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
784  Ode To Seurat, Kusama And Frankenthaler  25.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
783  A Winter Parable  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
782  Blue, White And Orange  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
781  Blue Notes  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
780  Bearing Much Fruit  51.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
77F  Songs Of Appalachia  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
77E  From The Heart  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
77D  Like Angels In The Clouds  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
77B  Adoration Of The Magi  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
77A  Pilgrims Progress  42.00x163.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
779  From The Beginning  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
778  Gloria In Excelsis Deo  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
777  Marys Song Of Praise  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
776  Lights In The Night  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
775  Before The Foundation Of The World  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
774  1 Corinthians 13  25.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
773  A Warm Cool  36.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
771  Thanksgiving  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
770  Be Still And Know 2  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76F  Mendelssohn And Songs Without Words  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76E  Mutually Encouraged  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76D  Chopins Preludes  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76C  View From A Sycamore Tree  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76B  Alpha Time Omega  40.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
76A  Speaking Life  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
769  Secret Vision  31.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
768  Cloud  30.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
767  Lewis Conversion  32.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
766  Fear Not  32.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
765  Golden Hour  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
764  Jacobs Ladder  25.00x15.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
763  Love And Sacrifice Revisited  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
762  The Veil  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
761  The Ascension of Christ  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
760  Good Works  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
75D  Occupied With Joy  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
75E  Ode To Joy In Blue  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
75C  The Winter Procession  25.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
75B  Hidden Manna  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
759  Considering Perfect Love  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
75A  The Return With Blue  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
758  Two Worlds  55.00x42.25  acrylic  on  canvas  
757  Bright Cave  37.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
755  The Purpose  34.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
756  Passion And Purpose  34.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
752  Red Circle 2  33.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
753  The Beach And The Falaise D’Amont  34.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
754  Blue Ridge Jambalaya  34.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
751  Red Circle 1  33.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
74F  Red, Yellow And Gold  30.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
750  Yellow And Red Flowers With Vase  31.00x25.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
74D  Golden Blue  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
74E  Peace Like A River  27.00x24.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
74C  The Weight of Glory  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
74A  Red On Red  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
747  Radiance  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
748  Radiance Observed  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
749  Exodus  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
745  Prudence And Wisdom  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
746  Transparency And Discretion  31.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
744  Water Lilies Number 1860  55.00x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
743  Love And Truth  25.00x46.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
742  The Flying Scroll  43.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
741  Seeing The Unseen  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
740  Every Thought Captive  43.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
73F  Revelation  55.00x37.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
73E  Background Foreground  55.00x43.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
73D  Spirit And Truth  55.00x39.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
73C  Faithful  55.00x38.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
73B  Monets Passion  55.00x36.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
73A  A Voice The Wind  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
739  Speaking From The Heart  37.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
738  Ask Or Imagine  35.50x24.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
735  In The Shadow Of Your Wings  36.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
733  In Awe  55.00x36.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
732  Born Again  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
731  A Gentleness Observed  50.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
730  A Continual Sense Of Wonder  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72F  The Blessing  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72E  A Voice  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72D  Truly Truly  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72C  Have Faith  55.00x37.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72B  I Am  55.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
72A  In The Beginning The Word  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
728  Gethsemane, Station One  55.00x35.70  acrylic  on  canvas  
726  Clouds Glorious  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
725  Texas Clouds In The Spring  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
723  Attractions Distractions  40.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
724  Relationship In Solitude  55.00x35.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
722  Evidence Of Things Unseen  36.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
721  A Study Of Things Unseen  46.50x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
720  Seasons Of Life  37.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
71F  Concerning Resurrection Of Messiah  25.00x47.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
71D  Seeing The Truth  38.75x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
71E  Conviction Mission  25.00x47.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
71B  Remembering A Hidden Pond  30.50x59.75  acrylic  on  canvas  
71A  The Way Of The Wind  33.00x46.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
719  Sunflower  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
718  A Closer Look At Time  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
717  Misty Soft Red  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
716  Observations Of Blue  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
715  Love And The Weather  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
714  In The Garden In Red And White  35.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
713  Misty Morning  25.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
712  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in Motion  25.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
711  Chronicles, The Matters of the Days  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
710  Among the Roses the Sun Warms  30.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
70F  The Path  30.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
70E  Blue And White Porcelain  40.00x46.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
70D  Considering Van Gogh and the Starry Night  26.00x59.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
70B  Bachs Passion  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
70A  Sun Shift Along The Horizon  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
709  Americana  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
708  Lemon Chiffon Frosting  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
707  Honor, Loyalty, And Joy  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
706  Seeing Without Seeing  41.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
705  Daily Broadcast  41.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
704  Finding Rembrandts The Storm on the Sea of Galilee  25.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
703  Searching For Love  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
702  Double Zero With Halos  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
701  Blue Line  34.00x18.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
700  A Birthday Cake  27.00x11.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FF  Two Becoming One  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FE  The Path To Peace  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FD  Caring For Rhododendron  25.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FC  Colors of Romance Romanticizing Of Colors  25.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FB  The Pendragon of Logres And The Un-Man  27.25x27.25  acrylic  on  canvas  
6FA  The Therapist  30.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F8  Blue, Purple and White  40.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F7  Cotton Fields  40.75x25.00  oil wax, pigments  on  canvas  
6F6  Three  41.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F5  Not Dark Yet  40.25x25.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F4  Swing Low Sweet Chariot  39.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F3  How To Zest A Lemon  42.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F2  The Persistence of Memory  43.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F1  The Promise  42.50x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6F0  Primary Colors With Strings On White  25.00x23.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6EF  As The Sun Walks Across The Sky  25.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6EE  Summer  43.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6ED  Southwest Snow  38.00x55.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6EB  Roses, Rubies and Pearls  41.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6EA  Esperanza  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E9  Blue Blind Insights  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E8  Blue And White In Time  31.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E7  Honor  31.00x26.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E6  Train 45  40.00x31.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E5  When Blue  40.00x31.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E4  Saffron Yellow With Lemon  54.00x47.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E3  The Sound Of Red  33.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E2  In The Garden On The Warm Side  35.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E1  Luminosity And Color, The Garden  40.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6E0  Of Colors Quietly  40.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DF  Destination Observed  55.00x32.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DE  Looking Through A Window To A Yellow World From A Pink Room  41.50x29.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DD  Nine Squares In Yellow  41.50x29.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DC  Blue On Blue  29.50x42.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DB  Same Warm Light We Saw That Day  41.00x29.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6DA  The Cup  41.00x29.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6D5  On These The Dew Rest  30.75x29.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6D1  Ten Again In Technicolor  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6D0  Avalanche  20.00x16.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6CF  Stillness And Action  41.00x31.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6CE  Visual Literacy  31.00x18.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6CD  Raw Sienna Magenta Red  31.00x18.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6CC  Secret of Life  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6CB  On That Day We Shall Rejoice  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C9  Sounding Of Gabriels Horn or De Ecclesiæ Dominio  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C8  Coming For To Carry Me Home  41.50x32.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C6  Desert Sunrise  42.00x20.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C2  Notes From The Garden 5  22.50x23.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C1  From Mountains On High  45.00x21.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6C0  Blue Moon Rising  42.00x29.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6BE  Conditional Colors  38.00x10.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6BF  Edge Of The Southern Sky  18.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6BD  Notes From The Garden 4  38.00x10.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
6BB  Jesus Dialogue With The Disciple Thomas  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B9  Giant Steps Chromaticism  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B8  A Matter Of Trust  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B6  Notes From The Garden 3  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B5  Notes From The Garden 2  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B4  The Little Ones 5  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B2  Reminds Me Of  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6B0  Shortest Distance Between Two Points  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AF  Selfie 1  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AE  Honey  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AD  Considering Ascension  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AC  Irrepressible  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AB  The Little Ones 4  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A8  The Little Ones 3  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6AA  The Little Ones 2  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A9  The Little Ones  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A6  Clouds of Glory and The Humble Beauty of Flowers  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A5  Water, Wind, Sun and Life  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A3  Waiting On The Heart, Version 2  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
6A1  Be Still And Know  38.00x38.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
69F  One Word  38.00x38.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
69E  Rose Bush  21.75x18.50  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
67C  Apple With Lollipop  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
68F  The Return 3  27.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
68E  The Return 2  27.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
68D  The Return 1  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
68A  Nostalgia 6  11.00x14.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
68B  Nostalgia 7  30.00x23.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
689  Nostalgia 5  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
686  Nostalgia 2  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
685  Nostalgia 1  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
682  Following Yellows and Reds  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
680  For The Love of Blue  27.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
67E  Arrangement For Me  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
67F  Spring Rains  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
67D  Memories of Colors in The Garden  40.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
675  From The Earth And Sky  40.00x24.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
671  Red, Yellow and Magenta Field  22.00x30.00  watercolor  on  watercolor paper  
672  Red, Yellow and Magenta Days End  11.00x15.00  watercolor  on  watercolor paper  
673  Red, Yellow and Magenta New Day  15.00x11.00  watercolor  on  watercolor paper  
66F  Orange Dove  24.50x27.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
670  Blue Birds and Cardinals  27.50x24.50  acrylic  on  canvas  
66D  Cardinal, Blue Jay and Mockingbird  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
669  Traveling Around  31.00x22.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
66A  Past Traveler  31.00x22.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
668  Above The Mountains  32.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
667  Harbor  30.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
665  Mars Revisited  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
666  Venus Revisited  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
663  I Am Persuaded  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
664  I Saw Triangles and Squares But They Werent Just Right  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
662  In The End, Love Wins  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
65E  Almighty Humility  27.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
65F  Divine Romance  25.00x32.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
660  Perfect  32.00x25.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
65B  On This Mount  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
65D  Justice Redeemed  38.00x27.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
65A  Hallelujah  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
653  Jarrett And Debussy  18.25x32.50  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
64B  Desert Selah  30.00x40.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
63F  Color, Relationships and Prayer  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
640  Over and Under Light  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
641  Blue Horizon  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
644  Red on Red on Red  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
63D  Cooking Without Recipes  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
638  Paintbrushes at Brushy Creek  31.25x27.75  acrylic  on  canvas  
630  All Things Are Possible  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
631  Positively Homeland  20.00x16.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
632  Numbers of One, Colors of White  24.00x30.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
626  Radiant Glory  30.00x48.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
623  A River A Road A Life  24.00x18.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
624  Celebrate  24.00x18.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
62A  Mountain Down Water Living  20.00x16.00  acrylic  on  canvas  
62B  Roll Us Away the Stone  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
62F  A River of Time, a Risen Son and a Gregorian Bridge  32.00x48.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
622  Nocturne with Yellow and Red  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
615  Notes From the Garden  40.00x30.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
5E7  Shifting Blue Magenta Not So Quietly  8.00x10.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5E8  Walking In The Spirit  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5EA  Rain In The Sun  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5EB  Promise Of Spring  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5EF  Thaw  12.00x12.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5F0  Deliquesce Falls  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5E1  Innermost Aesthetic v.6  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5D3  Aesthetic Emotion 15  10.00x8.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
5AD  Aesthetic Reflexes and the Road to Encouragement (series)  9.00x6.00  acrylic  on  watercolor paper  
5A2  Song of The Rock  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
59A  In the Garden  32.00x48.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
599  Love and Sacrifice in Pink, Red and White  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
598  Love and Sacrifice in Black and White  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
594  Acoustic  32.00x48.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
58E  For Those Who Dream of Heaven  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
58F  Return of the Prodigal in Black and Blue  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
590  Grace Energized  48.00x32.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
58D  Primary Power Revisited  32.00x48.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
556  Red Fields With Clouds. diptych (2 panels)  48.00x64.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
552  Tropical diptych (2 panels)  48.00x64.00  acrylic  on  hardboard panel  
45D  She Moves in Eden  8.00x10.00  acrylic  on  watercolor paper  
3F0  From the Cloud  8.00x10.00  acrylic  on  artboard  
677  Life Traveler  48.00x36.00  acrylic  on  canvas