Robert Gregory Phillips

About the Artist

Robert Gregory Phillips is a contemporary American artist.

He works in a broad range of media including painting, photography, drawing, collage, video and code art. His paintings are in corporate and private collections in the USA, Europe and Asia. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Painting from Troy University, Alabama.

Abstraction, realism, impressionism, minimalism and color field are among the influences of his art.

Phillips, born in 1955, lives near Austin, Texas with his wife and family.

Artist Statement

When I do art, I pray and I wait. I wait for something to come, not so much a direction, but a feeling or maybe better, a knowing. It's not an all-at-once thing. I usually need to make a mark, or choose a color before I can know the next thing to do. One mark leads to the next, one color to the next. My art is not complete until a certain aesthetic is reached.

I enjoy visiting art galleries and museums and I am sure that art history and the study of major art movements, influence my 'art aesthetic' but also nature, music, poetry, philosophy, theology, science and technology, but the dominant influence is relationships. Relationships with friends and family but also with the ever-present author of creation.

There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. G.K. Chesterton

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